Les Voiles Latines à St Tropez

23rd May 2019 – 26th May 2019 all-day
Quai Jean Jaurès St Tropez
Quai Jean Jaurès
83990 Saint-Tropez

The program promises to be once again rich both at sea and on land. The Port of Saint-Tropez, which has planned a beautiful village of tents near the Harbor Master’s Office and concocted many festive, cultural and traditional events, expects to receive more than 80 sailboats.

The public will be able to admire the various Latin rigs at the dock or at sea, attend the free entertainment, taste dishes from all over the Mediterranean and visit the various stalls of carpentry, crafts and traditional know-how on the port without forgetting the exhibitions and lectures led by historians.

On the sailing side, the sailboats will meet for nautical encounters. At the same time, the Catalan crews will demonstrate rowing races on traditional boats, the “Llaguts” and the sailing club of Saint-Raphaël will present a show of nautical jousts in the port of Saint-Tropez.

The arrival of a Catalan delegation with a troupe of dancers, musicians, singers and the arrival of the famous Catalan boats will add a little more color and tone to the city.