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    Gassin is a jewel of a hill top village perched high up above the gulf of St-Tropez. The village has kept its old-world charm with narrow winding streets and ancient stone houses, many covered in stunningly beautiful wisteria and with unsurpassed views over the gulf to the north and as far as the Porquerolles islands to the south east.

    Gassin is voted one of the most beautiful villages in France and its views are beyond description.

    Amongst its other attractions it offers one of the worlds narrowest streets, L’Androuno, try and find it. Not recommended for those with a fuller figure!!!!

    On a clear day it’s said you can glimpse Corsica in the far distance and the high snow-covered Alps inland.

    From our many rental homes in the area you can enjoy the best the Cote D’Azur has to offer on your doorstep but equally the tranquility of privacy and quality of being far from the madding crowd.


Practical Info


Place de la Mairie, 83580 Gassin – Open all year round from 0830 to 1200 and from 1400 to 1700 – Closed Saturday & Sunday – 0033 (0)4 94 56 62 00

Tourist office

20 place Léon Martel, Montée Saint-Joseph, 83580 Gassin – Open all year round from 0900 to 1300 and from 1400 to 1800 – From 0900 to 1300 on Sunday – 0033 (0)4 98 11 56 51


Géant Casino

Just a short 5-minute drive from Gassin there is a hyper market with surrounding shops and restaurants including Mac Donald’s.

120 Rond-Point de la Foux, 83580 Gassin – Open all year round from 0830 to 2200 (in the summer) – From 0830 to 2100 on Sunday – 0033 (0)4 94 55 24 00

Grand Frais

Excellent fresh fruits, meats, fish, cheese etc on the road to Cogolin about 5 minutes’ drive.

ZA Font Mourier RN 98, 848 avenue des Narcisses, 83310 Cogolin – Open all year round from 0830 to 2000 and from to 0830 to 1230 on Sunday – 0033 (0)4 94 97 11 85


Nearest pharmacy can be found at the Géant Casino on the huge roundabout at La Foux, 5 minutes’ drive.

120 Rond-Point de la Foux, 83580 Gassin – Open in the summer from 0830 to 2100 and from 0900 to 1900 on Sunday – Open in the winter from Monday to Saturday from 0900 to 2000

Things to Do

Cultural and historical sites

Church of our lady of the Assumption

Built in 1558, Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Church has been redesigned several times. The tower of the bell tower is certainly anterior to the whole. The battlements that surmounted it were destroyed during the revolutionary period.

This building has a simple architecture with a choir, a single rectangular nave with two arches and four pillars, a three-sided apse and a bell tower.

Its bell tower is a square tower. They were destroyed by the revolutionaries because they represented a symbol of feudalism. They were later relocated and then removed again at the end of the XX century.

The church is built on the rocks; massive buttresses support the walls and the bedside of the building. The basalt door of the entrance facade is surmounted by a triangular pediment and overlooks the church square.
The church is located at the northern entrance of the village. To the south of the church is the presbytery.

The church contains a reliquary of Saint-Laurent, patron saint of the village, a golden virgin and many paintings. A very old white marble stoup decorated with four angel heads of the sixteenth century and a fragment of the Christ of the Spanish school are in the sacristy.

The Gift of the Rosary is probably the work of Coriolano Malagavazo.
The Chemin de Croix in modern style was created by Roger Roux in 1968. The stained-glass windows are the work of the Aveyron master Claude Baillon.

The story goes that the bishop who wanted to consecrate this new church ran up against the priest’s ill-will, who feared that this ceremony might incur him expenses; to escape, he found nothing better than to disappear.

Chapel our lady of Consolation

Built in a rural setting, this chapel served as a parish until the construction in 1558 of the current church.

The original building was erected in the XI century. It was then the parish of Gassin.
Today, the Chapel houses events throughout the year : concerts, Mass of St. Lawrence…

It is a popular place for walkers and people looking for peace.

Hiking the Chapel of Notre-Dame-De-La-Compassion

From the medieval village of Gassin, follow a path that will allow you to discover remarkable points of view of the islands of Hyères, the Moors and the castle of Grimaud through the rural heritage (sheepfold, chapel, washhouse, well ….)

This 4 km hike takes you through the forest of Arlatane to the source and the wash. It then takes you down through the vineyards. The trail then goes up through the Bergerie Magnetto then the chapel Notre-Dame-de-la-Compassion. You will pass near the mill of Brûlat before finding the village by discovering the enigmatic Monument to Saint Joseph.

From the place Louis Collomp, at the entrance of the village, follow the climb Ven Terraou (170 m) then the place Neuve (140 m). Continue on rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste (160 m) before turning right on rue du Puits Saint-Jean (190 m).

Leave the mini-stadium on your left and enter the forest of Arlatane. Follow the trail of Sources to the picnic area and the source of Arlatane (700 m) then the Vallat trail to a fork indicating with a sign, turn left to continue on the path of the Chapel (630 m).

Follow this path (330 m) to the road Riboty you take by turning right to the road to the Vignus (RD 89) (720 m). Cross the Vignus road to take the path in the slope facing you; follow this path up to the sheepfold (350 m). Go around to the left to take the path that goes up to the chapel (100 m).

Continue climbing to the village taking the path that runs along the cemetery on the left to the road to Villevieille (300 m). Here you have the opportunity to make a detour to go to the mill Brûlat (400 m round trip). Leave the Villevieille piste on your left and continue your ascent to the Coste Brigade road. Walk along the cemetery on the left, past the Saint-Joseph monument, then cross the road and return to Place Louis Collomp.


Polo club Saint Tropez

It is in an enchanting setting, in the heart of the peninsula of Saint-Tropez, that we discover in a mixture of luxury and simplicity, the sumptuous facilities of Haras Gassin Polo club Saint-Tropez.

Always having as objective, the protection and the preservation of the site, a small paradise was born, a place of freshness, conviviality, and well-being. Fitness center, coaching, gym, swimming pool, paddle, virtual golf, cryotherapy, tennis, polo school… and so many other activities to create in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez a space of great quality dedicated to sport and relaxation for all and throughout the year.

1999 Bourrian Road | Haras de Gassin , 83580 Gassin, Saint-Tropez, France – 0033 (0)4 94 55 22 14

Botanical Garden L’Hardy-Denonain

Acquired 1973 by Germaine L’Hardy-Denonain, this garden was created and developed to become a botanical garden, classed remarkable since 2009. It is home to several hundred species from Provence and the Mediterranean.

The garden opens onto the Place dei Barri, facing the restaurant Le Micocoulier. All you have to do is go down a few steps and pass the charming wrought iron gate. It is the secret garden of our childhood where we loved to hide.

A small piece of paradise of only 2500 m², four restanques drowned in vegetation between which meander paths, romantic stairs. Here are blending plants of the Maures massif and acclimatized plants.

Labeled “remarkable garden” in 2009, label renewed in 2015, the visit of this garden is free … Enjoy it, it’s so rare! Do not hesitate to question Ms. L’Hardy-Halos, if the gate is open, she is there. She will take pleasure in leading you through her garden to make you discover the wonders which are hidden there. A visit that you should not miss if you are passionate about gardens!

In past centuries, the Gassinois gave life to the banks where today is located Germaine botanical garden L’Hardy-Denonain. They cultivated fruit trees (pear, cherry, plum, almond, fig, jujube, carob, arbutus) and vegetables of all kinds (chickpeas, beans, tomatoes, salads).

The leaves of the old mulberry trees fed silkworms during the time of the flourishing sericulture and silkworm farms. The cork oaks abounded in the raw material of the junk and the manufacture of soles and agglomerates. The trace of stripping remains visible on the most beautiful of them.

The garden offers a dive into the Mediterranean biodiversity, trees and shrubs (cork oaks, charmes-hops, myrtle and alaterne, cistus and laurientin, lentisk and thorny calycotome, germander and alfalfa tree, as well as herbaceous : campanula and spergular , hair of Venus and red valerian, lice grass and wart grass, navel of Venus and linear striated, spurge of lowlands and false morgeline, wild orchids, andryale with upright leaves, or acanthus, poppy, chasmanthus, ivy , madder, tuberous liondent…)

The horticultural species are not forgotten : the irises are next to a Bancks rose near a hooded spring and an agapanthus.

Food & Drink

The hilltop village offer restaurants with truly amazing views from each and every table.


Le Pescadou

Stunning views only matched by a stunning menu. Many people travel from far and wide to eat at this quality French restaurant. Highly recommended for ambiance and great cuisine. Place dei Barri – 04 94 56 12 43 – Open every day from 1200 to 1400 and from 1900 to 2200

Le Vieux Gassin

Again, with amazing views this eatery offers good French cuisine at very reasonable prices. Great ratings on trip advisor. Place dei Barri – 04 94 56 14 26

Bello Visto

In the heart of the village and again with amazing views, you’ll be able to savor house specialties such as rock octopus casserole, truffle gnocchi and soufflé au grand Marnier. Place dei Barri – 04 94 56 17 30

La Verdoyante

Standing amongst the vines, this former rustic farmhouse enjoys fine panoramic views. Super stylish interior and a charming terrace on which to enjoy a tranquil evening with great service and excellent Provençal cuisine. 866 Chemin Vicinal Coste Brigade – 04 94 56 16 23  – Open Wednesday to Sunday from 1230 to 1245 and from 1930 to 2100 – Open Tuesday from 1930 to 2100 – Closed on Monday


The name of the commune comes from “Sinus Guardia” (the guardian of the Gulf) as he was monitoring the coastline. He could give warning of invasion of the pirates. Gassin is an old village of Ligurian, Roman and Saracen. It was occupied by the Moors until the X century. In the XI century Gassin was fief of the Abbey Saint-Victor de Marseille.

The names of the streets of the village of Gassin are themselves symbols of the history of the commune. The Passage of the Watchtower, the door of Saracens, the Rue du Fort, the Passage of the Knights Templar are references to a turbulent past. A curiosity is the be, one of the smallest streets in the world that leaves pass only one person at a time. There are still a dozen antique doors built in serpentine or basalt. The Green serpentine and basalt are volcanic rocks extracted from local quarries. These doors are dated from the XV to the XVII centuries.

At the end of the 1980s, the heart of the village of Gassin yet for the benefit of the plain. In order to revive the village, the François Spoerry architect designed an extension of the village of Gassin with detached houses and apartment buildings. He is known worldwide for its realization of the marina of Port-Grimaud.

A Selection of Rentals in Gassin

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Villa Diamante

Gassin from: €3,230 3 6
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Villa Floralie

Villa Floralie

Gassin from: €2,390 3 5
This lovely 3-bedroom house is ideally located in the heart of the medieval village of Gassin, only a short drive into St Tropez. Upon entry, ...

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